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Roland Micro Cube Review

Roland Micro Cube

Summary: Without question the Roland Micro Cube Combo Amp is one of the best practice amp/mini amp options available today.


One of the best-selling mini amps worldwide for the past ten years and for good reason, it sounds great, whether clean, or distorted . A very versatile amp that is going to suit guitarists of all genres.


Digital signal processing with 7 composite object sound modelling amp models including acoustic simulation, jazz chorus (clean), blackface (essentially a Fender sound), rectifier which sounds similar to a Mesa Boogie and a mic setting. Plus a lot more features. 


At $150 (at the time of writing) the Roland Micro Cube is quite simply one of the best value amps on the market today and easily one of the best practice amps ever made.

  • Sounds great either clean or with distortion
  • Rock solid construction
  • Jam packed with great features
  • Very good value for just under $150.00
  • Delay/Reverb is just ok, not wonderful

The Roland Micro Cube is the buskers mini amp of choice, find out why by reading our in-depth Roland Micro Cube review below.

Can a 2-Watt amp really sound this Good?

​The Roland Micro Cube absolutely nails it. Just like some Vox mini amps you may end up stopping yourself constantly while playing to sneak another peak and confirm that the sound you are hearing is actually coming from this tiny mini amp.

This is simply a great practice amp that is surprisingly loud with a rich sound that defies it’s tiny size. The acoustic and jazz settings both sound rich with great clarity while on the other end of the spectrum the rectifier setting produces a good metal guitar sound, something that most amps of this size simply don't do well.

Like all mini amps, due to the tiny 5 inch speaker the tone is affected when turned right up but any amp with a small speaker will suffer this fate and it's certainly excusable on an amp that provides such great tone and a range of useful features.

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​Feature Heavy

The Roland Micro Cube offers a range of great features including amp simulators (​7 in total), 6 digital effects including: flanger, chorus, tremolo, phaser and delay/reverb. Roland claim that their COSM (composite object sound modelling) technology captures every minute detail of the original amps they are modelled on. (The JC clean mode is particularly impressive) From the pre-amp to the speaker.

It also comes with a digital tuning fork, recording or headphone out and auxiliary input for plugging in your smart phone or stereo.

The amp is powered by either a 9V adapter or 6AA batteries and when run in battery mode the manufacturer claims can operate for up to 25 hours, which is nothing short of amazing. 

Features and Specifications

  • ​Rated power output of 2 Watts
  • 5 inch speaker (12cm)
  • AC or Battery Powered
  • Battery life of up to 25 hours!
  • Carry strap included for extra mobility
  • 7 amp models included
  • 6 built in effects (phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo and Delay/Reverb
  • Delay/Reverb processor allowing complete control over length and delay/reverb frequency
  • Digital tuning fork (hit the tuning fork button for reference tone) with capabilities for sharp and flat tuning
  • Stereo input for MP3 and Stereo players
  • Recording or headphone out
Roland Micro Cube


  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Tone
  • Key Switch
  • Tuning Fork
  • Effects (Flanger, Phaser, Trem and chorus)Delay/Reverb

Dimensions & Weight

  • 12 x 13 x 9 inches
  • 9 lbs (3.3kg)​. At approx 9lb’s the Roland Micro Cube Combo Amp is very lightweight and extremely portable.

Customer Comments

The Micro cube is the best selling mini amp on the market today and as a result the customer feedback is very positive. Below is a sampling os some of the more common comments:

No one who has bought one hates a ROLAND CUBE!..It's a portable guitar speaker AND MORE that thinks it's a double stacked 4X12 set of cabinets and a 200 amp head!

It is Awesome! For such a small amp, the output is plenty loud for practicing at home, and it runs on batteries, too, so I can take it anywhere. The effects are better than I'd hoped for.

I am amazed at all the variations I can get just with the amp selections alone. I'm blown away. Great little amp.

To give you some perspective, below are the comments that accompany the lowest rated customer feedback on for the Roland Micro Cube:

It's okay for a small amp and for small enclosures. Probably would have been better had I tested it first with my instrument.


​If the above information isn't enough to convince, let's just say with confidence that the Roland Micro Cube is the finest mini amp on the market today. While there are certainly other notable contenders nothing really sounds as great, is so well built and offers so much for so little. Highly recommended.

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