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Orange Micro Crush Review

Orange Micro Crush Review

Summary: A great sounding, fully featured mini amp at just under $70 (at the time of writing).


Seriously impressive for its small size, with quality clean and distorted tones.


Clean and overdrive channels. Volume and tone controls, integrated tuner, headphone output. Powered by 9V battery or 9V adapter.


Considerably good value, the Orange Micro Crush exceeds most others in this price range and is considered a steal at just $69.00 (at the time of writing).

  • Shines in both clean and dirty mode.
  • Great build quality (this has been a concern in the past but is now rectified).
  • Headphone out and chromatic tuner
  • Long battery life
  • Some customers have received defective items and have had to return them.
  • Input jack on some models can become loose.

It's striking colors and vintage appeal really sell it on first impressions, just like it's bigger Orange brothers it really stands out. But how does it actually sound? Read our Orange Micro Crush Review below to get the information you need to make a smart buy.

Deceptively Impressive Tone

If you want to hear the real tone of your instrument, go ahead and check out the Orange Micro Crush. It is rich in options and has enough quality to really set it apart from other competitors in this price range, despite it's 4"speaker.

It's volume is deceptive, far louder than many will give credit for but obviously still not enough for much more than practicing.

The only real drawback was a slight break up of sound when really pushing the amp but most are guilty of this due to the small speaker size required to fit into the cabinet.

Value for Money​

​Overall at just a touch under $70.00 you can't go wrong with the Orange Micro Crush PiX 3 Watt 9-Volt Mini Amp. It is one of the best practice amps we have reviewed and I honestly can't see anyone being disappointed for the rather small outlay involved in owning one of these.

I have heard sound engineers give this thing a wrap and while there were some stories floating around casting aspersions on the build quality when first released it does appear Orange have rectified this issue because it feels rock solid (Solid metal with wooden enclosure) and to be completely honest superior to many amps in this price-range. (I honestly can't comment on the build quality issue prior to this).

It's worth comparing the the Roland Micro Cube and will obviously come down to personal taste but all things being equal there isn't much to set them apart as far as quality and tone.

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Features and Specifications

  • Integrated chromatic tuner
  • Headphone output
  • Great overdrive
  • Very nice clean channel (Although it does break a little above about 80%)
  • Very Light at only 2.2 pounds.
  • Great vintage look and feel
  • 3 watts output
  • 9V battery​
orange micro crush

Dimensions & Weight

  • 3.4 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
  • 2 pounds​


There's really not a lot to elaborate on except to say this is a great sounding mini amp, with good clean tones and a nice bluesy overdrive that sounds very much like an Orange amp (which some are going to love and some will dislike naturally, just like the color!).

As always you have to remember the Orange Micro Crush is a mini amp so naturally it isn't going to provide an overly warm sound but it is deceptively sweet sounding and for a little under $70.00 does a great job of impersonating something much bigger.

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