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Fender Mini Deluxe Amp Review

Fender mini deluxe amp review

Summary: The Fender Mini Deluxe sounds surprisingly good for such a small amp, and looks the part as well. Yet despite it's small stature and low cost (*under $40 at the time of writing) this mini amp may just pleasantly surprise you with its output and tonal quality at both high and low volume. 


The Fender Mini Deluxe has a surprising amount of volume and sounds quite good at both low and high volume unlike many other mini amps in this price range.


Basic controls only (volume, tone, and drive) which is fairly typical for this category.


Very good value considering the build quality at less than $40 (at time of writing).

  • Good tone at both high and low volumes
  • Attractive and sturdy build quality
  • Affordable gift idea
  • Lacks bass tone knob
  • Doesn't come with power adapter

The Fender Mini Deluxe Amp is an affordable battery powered practice amp with 1 watt output. At a tiny 3'' by 4'' footprint it's very much a mini amp, yet it packs a surprising punch. Read on for all the specifications and customer reviewed pros and cons in our Fender Mini Deluxe Amp Review below.

Consistent Tone at any Volume​

One of the most common problems that plague mini and micro guitar amps is​ their inability to hold their tone when the volume is increased. The reason for this problem is the size of the speaker. It's practically impossible for a tiny speaker to handle excess volume and maintain the same quality it displays when played on a lower setting.

The Fender Mini Deluxe however, handles this constraint better than most micro amps and holds it's own reasonably well despite its 2" speaker.​ Like all mini amps, if turned to ten things do start to break up a little.

Nice Looking & Well Built

One of the most common customer comments regarding the Fender Mini Deluxe is the build quality and slick appearance. Don't assume this means it's made from the same materials as more expensive Fender amps, it's still plastic as all mini amps generally are but it must be said that the Fender Mini Deluxe looks every bit as good as it sounds and doubles as a nice decorative piece for the home.

Features and Specifications

  • Affordable practice amp at less than $40.00
  • Compact size at only 3'' by 4'' which makes it suitable for any space.
  • Consists of 1 power watt and 8 ohm single speaker.
  • Works with 9v battery
  • 8-10 hours battery life (*as claimed by manufacturer)
  • Lack of independent power source
  • Headphone jack included

Dimensions & Weight

  • ​11.4 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches
  • 13.4 ounces

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Customer Reviews​

Most customers who have reviewed the Fender Mini Deluxe are surprised once the amp arrives due to its good looks​ and more importantly volume. While a small number of other buyers have had reservations regarding the ability for this amp to serve as anything more than a decorative piece.

Below are some of the most common pros and cons as written by reviewers who have purchased the amp.

Customer Pros

  • It's surprisingly loud for it's size, but it can also be quiet enough not to wake people up at night.
  • It's fantastic for what it is, IS. It does EVERYTHING as advertised and does it very well.
  • This amp cleans up really well, and does not have that one size fits all distortion sound that a lot of these little amps have.
  • The quality of sound that comes out of this thing is absolutely incredible. I was completely blown away by the range and versatility of this tiny little Amp.

Customer Cons

  • So, for what you pay for this, yes, you get amplified but it's not real great quality.
  • Sounds good sometimes... However, whenever I roll the volume on my guitar, this little thing FREAKS OUT!


The Fender Mini Deluxe Amp is portable at only 3'' by 4'' and affordable at a little less than $40.00. The battery life is claimed to be 8-10 hours which is exceptional but it has to be remembered this is only a 1 watt amplifier so there shouldn't be a huge amount of drain on the battery.

Realistically the sound quality is good but you have got to take into consideration the size of the amp. The volume and tone controls are only very basic but this isn't an amp you are going to take into the studio. Overall for a mini amp this serves it's purpose nicely.

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Fender Frontman 10g Review

fender frontman 10G review

Summary: The Fender Frontman 10g gives you the right amount of flexibility without cluttering up the control panel with modelling and effects. 


Capable of being very loud for just a 10-watt amp, and has the distinctive Fender sound. It really shines when played in clean mode, and lags a little when driven hard. Most customers report very very little noise unless of course there is interference.


Very minimal in regard to features. Just a simple control panel featuring, volume, treble, bass, gain and overdrive, headphone out and auxillary in.


At a touch under $60 (at the time of writing) the Frontman represents very good value. Mini amps such as the Honeytone are great for the price but you really do get more than twice the product when you purchase a product like the Frontman 10G.

  • Surprisingly loud
  • Very nice clean tones
  • Closed back design
  • Very little noise or interference
  • Great value at under $60 (at the time of writing)
  • Struggles a little when played in overdrive

Now more than ever just because you are playing through a mini amp does not always mean that you need to settle for a mini sound. The Fender Frontman 10G along with the Roland Micro Cube and Fender Mustang are great examples of this. If you are in the market for a good versatile, workhorse amp for practice, then this is certainly worth considering. Read on for our full Fender Frontman 10g Review.

Great Clean Tones

The frontman 10G really does do clean well. It's bright, Fender-ish tone is very appealing and surprising considering the entry level price. It's also very loud for just a 10-watt amplifier and as a result makes for a pretty decent first guitar amp if you are new to learning the guitar and don't want to outlay a huge amount on your first amp.

The downside is the small speaker lacks decent bottom end, (although the closed back design does help) but this is fairly typical of most mini amps and isn’t detectable at low volumes or when using the headphone jack obviously.​

While it's fair to say it doesn't do heavier tones as well as it manages the clean side of things, it's still quite a versatile amp and will satisfy most considering the 6" inch speaker. 

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Value for Money

Now more than ever just because you are playing through a mini amp does not always mean that you need to settle for a mini sound. The Fender Frontman 10G along with the Roland Micro Cube and Fender Mustang are great examples of this.

Fender instruments and amplification are renowned for a reason. Their reliability and superior build quality is more than enough reassurance that you are getting a quality product. Whilst this is a far cry from Fenders more expensive amplification it still wears the Fender name.Many will buy the Fender Frontman for its novelty value (e.g. small size and price) but as mentioned earlier this is actually a quality sounding guitar amp and surprises many who have purchased it.

Features and Specifications

  • Power: 10 watts
  • 6” speaker
  • 1/8 inch Headphone jack
  • MP3/CD player audio out jack
  • Volume, Gain and Tone controls
  • Overdrive Select button
  • Chrome hardware with Vinyl outer covering on a wooden box
Fender Frontman

Dimensions & Weight

  • 5.8 x 10.2 x 11 inches
  • 8.6 lbs

Customer Feedback

The Frontman 10G for the most part has been extremely well received with a large number of positive reviews on and other retailers. Some of the comments from customers include:

This amp sounds like a small four-10" speaker system from Fender. I was once a recording engineer, and I would not hesitate to use this amp to mic with.

Excellent quality for an exceptional price.Great Fender quality and sound.

Works great for small room. Not too heavy. I would recommend

A great little unit with cool retro look and nice sound quality.


The Fender Frontman 10G receives great feedback from most who have taken the plunge and at less than $60 its very little money down for an amp that is so well regarded. It doesn't feature any onboard effects such as Reverb or Tremolo so bear this in mind if you are looking for something more versatile. All things considered it does a great job of keeping things simple.

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