Mini Amp News and Reviews

Take a look in your local music store and you will find a big variety of mini amp choices available, from established brands such as MarshallFenderVox and Orange to name just a few. All of these amps offer unique selling points, have different strengths and weaknesses and simply put some are of a much higher quality than others. But how do you know which amp is best for you? Obviously brand plays a part but comparing a Marshall micro amp to a full sized amp is like comparing apples to oranges. Ideally the guitarist would try the amp out first but it’s just not possible to try out every make and model before choosing the right one for you. That’s where we step in by providing you with all the information you need to grab yourself a great deal.

Most Popular Mini Amps

ImageProduct NameWattagePriceRating
honeytone-mini-ampDanelectro N10B Honey Tone Mini Amp4 Watt$22.97
marshall-ms10Marshall MS2 Micro Amp1 Watt$44.99
orange-micro-crushOrange Amplifiers Micro Crush3 Watt$69.00
vox-ac-30-headphone-ampVox amPlug AC30 Guitar Headphone AmpLess than 1 Watt$38.99
Pignose mini ampPignose 7-100 Legendary Portable Amplifier5 Watts$56.98
Fender-Mini-'57-Twin-AmpFender Mini '57 Twin-Amp1 Watt$40.65
Danelectro-DH-1-Hodad-Mini-AmpDanelectro-DH-1-Hodad-Mini-Amp1.5 to 2 watt$45.69


We offer reviews of all popular micro amp, practice amp and bass practice amp options on the market today. From 1 Watt headphone amps and 5 watt tube amps right up to 20 watt practice amps. As we are not aligned with any amp manufacturer we can offer an unbiased opinion on all products we review. We only bring you the very best amps available (as a result many of our reviews are favorable) however if something is not up to scratch we will be making our readers aware of it.

Some of the popular brands we review on the site:

What to Look for in a Mini Amp

When looking for a quality small amp ask yourself these questions.

  • Is the amp from a reputable manufacturer? Brands such as Vox, Fender, Marshall and Orange are known for producing high quality guitar amps. While the components may differ you can be assured there will be strong quality controls in place for any major brand.
  • Is it suitable for your intentions e.g. you may prefer a headphone amp for practicing in a confined space whereas a larger practice amp will be more suitable if you are planning on practicing with more than just yourself.
  • Does the overall build quality look acceptable for the price? You can tell a lot by how an amplifier looks and feels. If the outside components feature cheap, flimsy plastic casing you can generally bet the components on the inside will be low quality also. there are exceptions to this rule particularly in the case of Vox micro amps.
  • Does it cater to the styles of music you prefer to play? e.g. clean and gain channels. Does the amp provide versatility if you play a number of styles of music?
  • Does it have the features you require e.g. does the amp provide you with the ability to record if this is something you are interested in doing? Does it have a foot pedal for switching between clean and overdrive tones.

Some points to keep in mind about smaller guitar amps.

It’s important to remember than smaller amps mean smaller speakers. As a result a smaller speaker will not be as robust and capable of handling excessive gain or heavy bass in the same way a larger guitar amp can. In most cases this generally isn’t the intention of a practice amp buyer but it’s worth keeping in mind. You may not be aware that while larger amps are preferred for gigging, in many cases recording artists prefer smaller amps. In the studio many guitarists prefer to achieve an overdriven tone without being played at deafening volume.

You should also be aware that a smaller guitar amp will typically not use the same components as that of a larger amp. For instance a Fender Mustang Mini does not use the same materials as that of a full sized Fender amplifier.

Why You can Trust Us

We offer an unbiased opinion on most of the major mini amp makes and models available today to save you valuable time and money. Check out our reviews for user opinions, specifications and features.

If there’s anything we don’t cover that you are interested in learning more about or simply want to offer an opinion drop us a line.